SCS 100 Wireless Security System
SCS 100 Wireless Security System
SCS 100 Wireless Security System

SCS 100 Wireless Security System

 The SCS 100 is our flagship Custom Design product which converts a regular Off-the-Shelf wired security system into our wireless and expandable security system! With the SCS 100, you are in control of your own safety, with no monthly costs! Your system will alert you directly during emergencies with an intruder, fire, or flood.

Quick and easy installation - Hang it up, plug it in, save your numbers, and you're done! 
Motion Sensor - Detects motion at a 110 degree angle, up to 25 ft away
Automatic Phone Dialer - Immediately calls your saved contacts during an emergency
Built-in Siren - Alerts the surrounding area during an emergency
Power Outage Protection - Will run on a backup battery during a power outage 
Built-in Flash Memory - Saves your emergency contact phone numbers and settings 
                    Built-in Universal Wireless Receiver - Connects all your accessories to Home Station                                                                         

The base system includes all of these features:                             

Motion Sensor
Phone Dialer
Built-in 105dB Emergency Siren
Auto-Backup Battery System
Built-in Flash Memory
Telephone Line Connectors
Wireless Monitoring Receiver
Wireless Panic Remote
  Wireless Smoke Detector  

  These additional accessories can be added to the base system:

Wireless Motion Sensors
Wireless Smoke Detectors
External Siren
Water Sensor